My name is Vicky Chanin and my expertise is in merging the disciplines of teaching & therapeutic understanding within education to create an increase in wellbeing & accelerated academic attainment as well as a reduction in distressed behaviours.

Over the past decade, I have worked in both mainstream & specialist settings as both teacher and wellbeing practitioner in primary and secondary settings including establishing alternative therapeutic provisions.  All of my work is research-informed with particular reference to ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences). I have experience in working strategically with management to implement make small but powerful changes to current systems to help them to accelerate progress through policy, curriculum and practice.

I also work on the front line to coach teachers and teaching assistants as well as providing individual support for children, young people and their parents.  I am passionate about facilitating trauma-informed change and have a proven track record of achieving improved outcomes for children and young people.

I am available to deliver training and/or to advise on pastoral and behavioural matters at ground or strategic level.

Vicky Chanin BA Hons PGCE Dipl.

WellBeing Practitioner

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