How can a regular and relational space with an attuned adult help?

Below are some pictures of some work I did with a child, aged 5.  S. was referred to me due to behaviour problems.  S. explored her chaotic world through paint and clay.  Over 8 weeks in 1:1 session, she explored chaos, safety and her confusion around ‘family’.  Alongside this, I observed her in class and worked with her teacher and TA to decode what may be happening.  S also wanted me to communicate her worries to her social worker who was then able to answer her questions and have those needs met.  As you can see from the pictures, the first and last sessions could not have been more different.  When asked at the end of the intervention what she would like to say to her headmistress, S said, “You must stay.”  Her behaviour in the classroom drastically improved and she was able to start learning.

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