Raising emotional literacy

I am a huge fan of Inside Out.


I organised a movie night at school to introduce the characters and concepts to children from 5 – 11 years old.  I wanted to use these characters to start building the most basic way to naming emotions: fear, anger, joy, sadness and disgust.  I then created key ring sized flashcards for all adults to have to hand and use.  I see it as our responsibilitPicture2y to teach our children about our emotional landscapes and most children will understand the pictures and then we add the words.  I created a very basic version for those children who needed to learn these.  I use them to recognise emotions in others, paying atScreen Shot 2560-03-08 at 22.24.26tention to the position of the eyes, the shape of the mouth and the angle of the eyebrows.  For children who can easily
recognise these, I developed a more advanced version to encourage a wider vocabulary and a focus on the nuances in intensity of