Why a whole school approach to wellbeing is vital

Government research shows that behaviour and emotional wellbeing significantly impacts on academic achievement throughout school.  From the perspective of many therapeutic image001educators, (Louise Bomber, Dan Hughes, ) behaviour can be seen as a communication.   During my 8 years of teaching, behaviour was also one of the key aspects directly linked to my own wellbeing.

My experience in many schools is that we tend to either apply a punitive  or an over-compensating approach to behaviour, both of which in my opinion provide Screen Shot 2560-03-12 at 10.55.56short-term solutions to the problem rather than aiming to resolve it.  The approach I take in schools is to create a trauma-informed through policy, curriculum and practice.  Interwoven in these is our current neuroscience understanding (Louis Cozolino) and the benefits of creating a tribal classroom.

The impact of implementing this approach in a school with significant behaviour problems has resulted in an 80% reduction in behaviour issues year on year.