My Work


As a wellbeing practitioner & behaviour specialist, I am trained to decode children’s behaviour using psychotherapeutic understanding.  I use the emerging science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and our knowledge of toxic stress and affective neuroscience to develop new and effective ways of understanding and dealing with behaviour.  My work has a proven track record of raising emotional literacy, accelerating academic attainment and reducing behavioural incidences.


I do this on three levels:

policy & practice


advise at whole school level (policy, curriculum & environment)



provide mentoring and training (SLT, teachers, TA’s)



create & deliver individual/small group interventions to address core issues


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– A former management accountant for large multinationals and teacher in mainstream and specialist provisions.  Trained as a Wellbeing Practitioner in association with London Metropolitan University and IATE & continues to provide therapeutic tuition to private students restoring confidence & academic attainment.