My Work

As a Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioner, my work varies based on the organisational context and in response to the young people.  All my work is ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) informed and has a proven track record of increasing resilience and accelerating academic attainment and is regulated through a rigorous independent regulatory framework and is based on supporting children to move from insecurity to learned security.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 20.17.40Established wellbeing services in various schools, providing a drop-in service, responding to children and young people who were experiencing difficulties.   Developing creative interventions to help them explore themselves, their feelings and to start to provide a narrative to their lived experiences.  Starting from their interests, we explore their world whether through sport, art or computing.  I evaluate interventions using qualitative and quantitative criteria, including academic attainment.


Created a Wellbeing Service in a primary school setting to address and change behaviour issues.
Liaised with key people, decoded behaviour of children  using a trauma-informed approach to create policy, curriculum and a shift towards restorative school culture.  I provided training, mentoring for all staff and 1:1 intervention for the children & advised senior management on processes which led to a significant reduction in behavioural incidents.  To support this work, I developed data streams and processes to show impact and define future activities as well as managing the day-to-day running of wellbeing support across the school including authoring curriculum content



Designed & Facilitated an Alternative Provision in a school in response to key children at risk of exclusion and within tight budgets.  I created the provision: delivering age-appropriate curriculum content, Educational Psychologists’ recommendations as well as daily therapeutic communication and input.  The work has also involved working closely with multi-agencies and parents alike to facilitate academic and emotional shift change.

Kids Co RoomManaged a therapeutic service in a secondary school, working closely with senior leaders to produce an evidence and outcomes-based, therapy service in school for an 80-strong caseload dealing with young people from a wide range of backgrounds with complex social, emotional and mental health needs.  Recruited, inducted and managed 10 therapeutic workers, managed spaces, relationships and created policy and procedure to merge with the school.  Led TAC/TAF meetings, dealt with high-level child protection cases, managed budgets & people and developed attachment based initiatives as well as training regional wide academy audience.


Co-facilitated an Art Therapy group in a PRU environment alongside an experienced art therapist.  Created a group of new arrivals to help form as a group and to explore their sense of belonging and rejection, similarities and differences as well as encouraging pro-social ways of connecting.


Delivered bespoke Maths and English tutoring to address the social and emotional aspects of learning at the same time as teaching curriculum subjects.  My work has explored how to deliver an effective style of teaching to help atypical children re-connect with themselves, others and education.

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Engaged in the work of wellbeing in education, I often find myself curious and carry out research.  In response to what I find, I also organise events such as the screening of Resilience’ (The Biology of Stress and the Impact of Hope) and host discussions live and on social media to discuss how we can all work together to develop trusted methods of working across the disciplines to up-skill whole workforces.

– A former management accountant for large multinationals, sheep-shearer and teacher in mainstream and specialist provisions.  Trained as a Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioner in association with London Metropolitan University and IATE & continues to provide therapeutic tuition to private students restoring confidence & academic attainment.